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Don't Be Deceived by the Propaganda 

Occult Science Dictatorship, the official state science religion and how to get excommunicated, 
by William Lyne, p.12

My agenda is out in the open: To encourage people to realise that UFO technology exists; that it is free-energy technology; that it is exclusively man-made technology (not of alien origin), which humans were capable of constructing with existing technology at least ninety years ago; that it is ours because we paid for it; that we can build our own ships, using relatively simple technology; that there are many other free-energy technologies; that we can stick together and demand the right to use this technology, since the government has no legitimate right to conceal it or to withhold it from us, or to prevent us from using it; and that the US constitution required them to disclose the technology to us us long ago.

Flying Saucers are MAN-MADE Electrical Machines!
"Space Aliens" are Pentagon-Created Delusions


The truth is here - Find out what the REAL story is! - Uncover the UFO Cover-up!

Is the technology William Lyne calls "Electropulsion" real? His book, "Occult Ether Physics", is a (non-fiction) re-discovery of what he believes to be the scientific/technical basis for a space-propulsion system invented in the late 19th century by Nikola Tesla, now used in the secret, exclusively man-made flying machines known as "flying saucers" or "UFOs". The government conceals this invention behind false scientific theories, "space alien" hoaxes, and false propaganda, disseminated through a controlled mass media. 

A "UFOlogy", "new-age", "paranormalist", and "pseudo-debunker" network is criminally maintained under "national security laws", to blur the facts of reality and disjoint inquiry, thus protecting the archaic technology and resources of coercive-monopolist, corporate-state interests from the competition of a truly free market.

Occult Science Dictatorship, the official state science religion and how to get excommunicated, 
by William Lyne, p.8-9

Since the advent of government-manipulated UFOlogy, generally recognised as getting seriously underway with the 1947 Roswell Hoax, the theory of Relativity has been used more than anything else to scramble the brains of a clueless public, which has now been dumbed down by over 54 years of this theory, which has also been conspicuously used to conceal man-made UFOs with fabricated "parallel universes" (The Boscovich "mutual inter-penetration" theory), Einsteinian time-travel scenarios, "space-time warps", and all manner of contorted stories and fantasies related to Relativist theory, which have been manufactured b CIA committees of propagandists with PhDs in Relativity theory.

I have watched the growth of the many false theories derived from Relativity since 1946 - even before Roswell - but have never been fooled by them. I was there when the people of Roswell and surrounding areas, where the government UFOs were so often observed after WWII, were gradually coerced and intimidated into shutting up about "secret German aircraft" being developed by our government at nearby bases, and finally accepting the government lies that UFOs are alien spacecraft.

A believer in man-made UFOs, who doesn't happen to share a believe in space aliens is responsible - or even the partially responsible - parties, is made to feel uncomfortable when among those of a UFOlogy gathering, sort of like an Atheist at a fundamentalist Christian revival meeting, or a microbiologist at a witch-doctor convention.

The pressure to believe - in such things as alien visitations, bogus UFO technology, mental telepathy with aliens, remote viewing, the Relativist religion, the Big Bang, bogus conspiracies, time-travel, abductions by aliens, "other dimensions", "inter-dimensional travel", "secret alien rulers of earth", ghosts, etc, - is not the natural product of truly free or healthy minds. It is the product of controlled minds, whether by thought control - as in the case of government-controlled scientists, professionals, or the public - or by mind control - as in the case of victims of covert, abusive government mind-control programs, who have been chosen and subjected involuntarily as victims to such programs, because they are suggestible people, many of whom already had neurological disorders which rendered them vulnerable in the first place.

As for "aliens", I am not saying that it is impossible for intelligent life to exist elsewhere in the universe. What I am saying is that there is no reliable evidence that such extraterrestrial beings have ever visited earth, even though there are any covert CIA programs, researchers, front-writers and speakers, who are paid to misinterpret, mal-interpret, or re-interpret vague, ambivalent, misunderstood, mysterious, or unexplained things in archaeology, ancient history and manuscripts, languages, cultures, art forms, mythology, religion or poetry; or in the 'exact' sciences, such as meteorology, physics, astronomy or paleontology ... all to create false "documentation" for such theories.




An excerpt from the book, 'Space Aliens from the Pentagon'
Subtitle - Flying Saucers Are Man-Made Machines
Author -William R. Lyne, copyright 1993, 1995

'Space Aliens From The Pentagon'


My book is related to the following list of little-known, officially suppressed or publicly unknown facts:

1. An American citizen (naturalized), Nikola Tesla (an atheist and a capitalist), invented the flying saucer, before 1900, and reduced it to practice by 1915.

2. The American government helped the Nazis steal the invention from Tesla (who hated the Nazis), and by 1937, the Nazis were secretly developing it at Los Alamos, New Mexico (then called the "p2" projekt), under the direction of the Baron Wernher von Braun, who also collaborated in rocket research with Dr. Robert Goddard at Roswell, funded by the American Rocket Society (The Smithsonian Institution and the Guggenheim Foundation).

3. The American government later helped Wernher von Braun, the Nazis, and the Trilateral Commission and Illuminati (who still retain control) remove the "KT-p2" Project ("KT" is for "Kreisel-Teller" [German, for "Gyrating Plate"], and "p2" is the electronic designation for an "oscillating electromagnetic dipole") to Germany, after 1937.

4. The Nazis, who attempted to develop and use the flying saucer during the war (called "Foo-Fighters" by us, "Fireballs" and "Flying Turtles" by them), were unsuccessful in developing appropriate weapons for it until too late, and finally traded it back to us during the stalemate of 1945, in exchange for amnesty for numerous persons (including many war criminals), and for other concessions and guarantees (many of which are too numerous or incredible to mention here).

5. The U.S. government (N.S.A., O.S.I.), on behalf of the Trilateral Commission, continues with and enforces a Nazi-originated "Big Lie" program, in which it perpetuates the hoax that flying saucers ("U.F.O.s") are: 

(a) Extraterrestrial in origin; 
(b) psychological phenomena ("collective consciousness archetypal images", ala C. G. Jung); 
(c) swamp gas; 
(d) "free-floating plasmas"; 
(e) piezo-electric effects; 
(f) ball-lightning; 
(g) other natural phenomena; 
(h) unknown life forms; 
(i) hallucinations; 
(j) non-existent; 
(k) hoaxes by attention-seekers; 
(l) the products of hysteria, insanity, etc., etc.

6. The German navy surrounded the U.S. with 24 U-boats, armed with (V-6?) I.C.B.M.s, having celestial guidance systems, and armed with neutron bomb warheads, trained on key American cities and centers, in a 1945 stalemate; German Admiral Karl Doenitz negotiated a secret truce and amnesty agreement with American authorities, under which he was required to order all 24 U-boats "...scuttled, with all hands on board...", under the agreement, pursuant to which Nazi skippers opened the hatches and the subs and all men on board went to the bottom. Under Operation Paperclip, all Nazi scientific research materials, most of their important scientists, and the "KT-p2 Projekt" technology, were transferred to the U.S. and to the Trilateral Commission corporations, thus attempting to insure that the Illuminati would retain control of the materials. Certain unusual security procedures were initiated to insure this, including the "sacrificing" of some major German scientists to the Soviets, to plant misinformation, and to insure that the hoax was successful.

7. During the war, German scientists bypassed development of the "atom bomb", and built and tested the neutron bomb. German field marshall Erwin Rommel and the Afrika Korps were originally sent to North Africa to test the neutron bomb, as well as Tesla's "death ray" (which freezes whole armies); this technology was acquired by American corporations, held chiefly by David Rockefeller, and was later sold in part back to the U.S. government and tested in the '60s, and the same technology was again sold to the U.S. government again in the '70s and '80s, as "star wars" technology.

8. Over 15,000 German military, technical, intelligence, and support personnel were brought to America (mostly New Mexico-Manzano Base, Sandia Base, White Sands Missile Range, Alamogordo, Holloman A.F.B., Los Alamos, etc.) with the "KT-p2" project, in Sept., 1945, at which time, under Operation Paper Clip, Wernher von Braun became Director of Research, U.S. Army Ordnance, Ft. Bliss, Texas; he and his 116 top rocket scientists commenced rocket (and flying saucer) R.& D. at nearby White Sands Missile Range, and Alamogordo.

9. Howard Hughes "Glomar Explorer" was built to retrieve the 24 scuttled German U-Boats, before terrorists or unfriendly governments found and retrieved the subs, missiles, bombs, and related technology, and because the WW II German U-boats were powered by a type of magnetic-electric generator (invented by an American named Dort of Virginia) which was superior to nuclear power. Further details about the German 'ship', the Graf Zeppelin are included in this book; Adolf and Eva (Braun) Hitler were daringly rescued from the Berlin Bunker by flying saucer, piloted by test pilot Hanna Reitsch and long distance flight expert Hans Ultich Rudel. The couple were later protected by the secret amnesty agreement, live their remaining lives under protection of the N.A.T.O. alliance, in Kassel, Germany, ironically the home of an international monument to the Holocaust. The "Hitlers" even visited America on the invitation of L.B.J. to visit "Hemisfair", the World's fair at San Antonio, Texas, in 1967.

10. Part of the original deceit was under way at Wright-Patterson A.F.B., Ohio, even before the German surrender; Edgar Cayce was already employed as a technical writer, to revise, adapt, and resume the propaganda work pioneered by Hans Hoerbiger, Hitler's personal guru and astrologer, the official "father of parapsycho1ogy", and designer of the Nazi "Big Lie" system, in which the public's credibility 'window' is wallowed into a giant hole, allowing the indiscriminate acceptance if faceless authority and whatever the government says; the U.S. government even hired an Ohio naval law professor (and genius) to revise and popularize "Astara" ("Ostara" to Hitler), the Nazi religion based on the Bonpas (Tibetan black magic) religion, imported from Tibet to Germany by general Karl Haushofer, an ordained Bonpas priest, as the basis for the S.S., financed and setup on instructions of the British-American CFR, in 1919; the S.S. Bonpas worshipped "Kali Ma" ("Bloody Mother"). This cult founded the ancient Thugee cult of India, and was the basis for the Society of Assassins; the concepts of this wierd religion related to the mass extermination of people, through many means, including asssinations, exterminations, and war; and the basis for all 20th century totalitarian movements.

11. Most forms of mass communication are primarily controlled or produced by the Illuminati, through the secret agencies of our government, to brain wash the public, in the most monumental hoax in history, to socio-economically control the world, and to perpetuate lies designed to obscure the flying saucer's man-made origin and use (as well as to steal and conceal or monolithically control all other advanced technology); the government hires consultants, contract script writers, and teams of Ph.D.s, to create and disseminate "Big Lie" propaganda, in countless pulp magazines and newspapers, and finances and produces books and movies of the "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" ilk, to perpetuate the "extraterrestrial" myth; the government controls and manipulates the press, hires lecturers, and organizes and funds UFO groups; the government stages "abductions", using actors, drugs, and sets; "Operation Blue Book" was set up at Wright-Patterson A.F.B. to retrieve leaked information and plug leaks, disseminate misinformation, falsely represent "expert, objective, scientific opinion", and to ferret out 'problem people'; mystical organizations (such as A.R.E.- "Association for Research and Enlightenment"- part of the Edgar Cayce Foundation, of Virginia Beach, Virginia [conveniently close to the C.I.A. headquarters]) - are created for the same purposes, and set the stage for the type of mass psychological control of the public required for totalitarian control by mystical cults, such as "Communism", "Naziism", "Synergy", or "psychic" cults.

12. Flying saucers operate on basic, simple, sound (but very carefully obscured) scientific electrical and physical principles, known for over 100 years; Sir George Clerk Maxwell's famous equations were 'edited' to remove certain information from 'unclassified' access, and all public sources were thoroughly scoured by the F.B.I. in 1942; the flying saucer uses the electromagnetic interraction (which is on a magnitude of "10/40 (10 to the 40th power) x 2" times greater than the gravitational interraction), to move huge saucers at fantastic speeds in defiance to gravity and inertia, with almost no net energy consumption; flying saucers can be powered by unlimited electrical energy extracted from ordinary atmospheric air, based on Tesla's ca. 1900 discoveries; (NOTE: this book tells how to build your own flying saucer.)

13."E.S.P." and "psychic phenomena" movements (based on Hans Hoerbiger's original Nazi "parapsychology") are orchestrated and promoted by the N.S.A., as part of the continuation of the original Nazi "Big Lie" program, to dupe and brain wash the public, and to induce unquestioned faith rather than reason; this clandestine manipulation by the government is an unconstitutional abridgement of the U.S. Constitutional First Amendment prohibition against the government's recognition or promotion of an "establishment of religion" (i.e., generally, a mystical belief system based on faith rather than reason).

14. As an underlying cause of the "Holocaust", a proposal was made by the U.S. Government to the Treaty of Versaille Committee, in 1919. In a document known as "Morgenthau's Pastoral Policy", signed by president Woodrow Wilson (drafted by his Illuminati advisor, Hans Morgenthau, Sr.) and presented at Versaille. Under it, the U.S. attempted to make, as one of the provisions of the German surrender, the extermination of all Germans, as an "inherently warlike race", and the "reduction of Germany to a pastureland". The document, examined by me in 1968, was among the papers of former president Lyndon Baines Johnson, now kept in the Sid W. Richardson Research Center, at U.T., Austin.

15. The "cattle mutilations" phenomenon is an ongoing program of the C.I.A.'s Special Operations Division. 'Biological samples' are removed by specially trained flying saucer crews, from thousands of cattle grazing in remote areas, for analysis, to measure radiation-caused auto-immune-deficiency and reproductive sterilization effects, after the cattle have been subjected to irradiation by "Death Ray" devices under development since the 60s. Since 1979, the saucers have bombarded members of the public, under the MK-NAOMI progmm of the C.I.A., for purposes of "population control" (i.e., extermination). Government scientists use special surgical devices, standard blood coagulents, and cryogenic technology, enhanced by microwave equipment, to remove the cattle blood (and ears, lips, tongues, mammary glands, genitalia, anuses, etc.); afterward, the carcasses are returned and air-dropped from flying saucers, back into their original pastures; the mysterious circumstances are misconstrued by government-spread rumors of "extra-terrestrials", attributed to "satanist cults" or other cults created by the government, or "coyotes and other natural predators", etc. (Of course, MAN is a "natural predator".) (For more on this, see Chapter III: "I Meet a Government M.I.B. in Santa Fe: Hollywood on the Take", and Chapter VIII: "Sightings".)

16. The Antarctic "Ozone Hole", which U.S. government scientists pretend to be at a loss to explain - yet blaming it on 'aerosol sprays' - is probably the by-product of three nuclear missiles, armed with hydrogen bomb warheads, which were launched from the Antarctic by the U.S. military, on Aug.27, Aug.30, and Sept. 9, 1957. The warheads were detonated at a 300-mile altitude, to create a reflective spherical layer of ionic particles surrounding the earth, to bounce radar impulses between the layer and the earth. The Strategic Air Command's global "backscatter" radar system, operated from the North American Air Defense (NORAD) command center deep beneath the earth at Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado, thus became operational in 1957, in time to verify that the Russians fired the rocket which launched Sputnik.

17. The N.S.A. protracts a false "national security" veil, to continue concealment of flying saucer technology, creating false fears of 'rampant anarchy', 'chaos', and other exaggerations and ruses, before N.S.A., committees, to justify continued secrecy, and to continue to deny public access to, or to declassify the technology. (If society isn't ready for it, how can THEY be?)

18. The true scientific principles of gravity have been misrepresented, confused, and concealed by "Big Brother", even in school books read by our children, just to conceal flying saucer technology, to protect the energy cartels and the mixed-economy socialist political power structure from losing its illegitimate parasitic grip on us.

19. In 1897, Nikola Tesla, a patriotic naturalized U.S. citizen, of Serbo-Croatian birth, discovered and published a new theory of energy and gravity, called the "Dynamic Theory of Gravity", which represented a unified field theory. Tesla's energy equation, "C=E/R", and Tesla's application to the Swiss Patent Office for his flying saucer patent, was made while Albert Einstein was a second class patent clerk there. Einstein's work was an Illuminati conspiracy to obliterate Tesla's discoveries, so the Illuminati could control flying saucers.

20. The government's policy of looting and suppressing ideas from independent scientists, inventors, and thinkers, on behalf of the Trilateral Commission, is related to this process, involving (1) stealing ideas from creative individuals; (2) destroying those individuals', to conceal the sources and technology; (3) ruining the lives of those individuals (even murdering them if necessary), and denying compensation or credit; (4) exercising the option to suppress the ideas under "national security laws", or giving the discoveries to their corporate crook partners for exploitation; and (5) abusing and misusing the judicial system to carry out and enforce this illegitimate, criminal process.

21. I am either correct in what I say, or am entitled to a Nobel Prize for new discoveries in gravitational theory and nuclear physics. The former is most certainly true. Since Russia in fact acquired the services of the top Nazi flying saucer scientist, and the top rocket scientist, from the Peenemunde operation, in 1945, here is a strong possibility that the Russians were privy to these secrets.


Some of you who have taken the time to read this letter, have the means to verify what I say. Others, who are among the guilty, will naturally be threatened. Others know me, and may have even offered me a high government position, which I refused. Some may shrug me off as a "harmless nut", while others may seek to harm me even more. Those who know the truth, and failed or refused to use their power to restrain the abusive government, criminals, courts, and lawyers, are responsible for causing me to say these things, and have inadvertently liberated this truth, which is my means of self defense, an inalienable natural right.

Bureaucrats naturally underestimate the power of the individual, since they are collectivists who lack a concept of individuality, operating under the delusion of "the invincibility of the state". I may not have become angry enough to publish this expose', if they had not continued to harass me. However, what I say I HAD to say, and would have said it much sooner had it not taken me so long to gain the opportunity between harassments. Even though I am aware of the danger to me and my family, and since there have already been several murder attempts, any one of which could have succeeded, I say this while there is still an opportunity to do so, and remove their motive from the equation. Besides, it is really they who are afraid of the truth.

This letter is not intended to advance or affect any pending litigation. Those of the judiciary have already proclaimed their prejudice against me, all my pleadings having fallen upon deaf ears. This letter should not affect rights which have already been predisposed in the anti-individual bigoted courts, according to them.

This letter represents my civil disobedience, freedom of speech and expression of political opinion, declaring the right to the disposition of the products of my own creativity, and to protest the hypocrisies of our government and courts, as a citizen, a human being, an American, and a Citizen of the World.

Nothing in this book was procured in violation of any law, including "national security laws"; our government officially denies a national security interest in flying saucers, denies their existence, and we are entitled to take our government at its word, albeit unreliable and false.

Those who deny the existence of flying saucers, or who falsely assume that they are extraterrestrial, are either the victims of government/corporate-state fraud, are irrational, brainwashed dupes, or are government liars. Those who make the most rational assumption-that "flying saucers are man-made flying machines" - will eventually be vindicated by history, since the truth will be known sooner or later, and it is already very, very late.

I would have invented the flying saucer if it had not already been invented, since the concept occurred to me when I was a boy studying electricity. At age 15, I prepared for a career in aerodynamics, until I witnessed a flying saucer in broad daylight, in the company of seven other intelligent witnesses. Believing that aerodynamics would be an obsolete field by the time I finished college, I cancelled my plans. I would never have expected the secrets still to be hidden over forty years later, with aerodynamics still be a viable field, due to the continued suppression. I had been building powered model flying saucers for four years before my first close-up daylight sighting in 1953. I knew that flying saucers were real, man-made flying contraptions, powered by electricity. While saucers are visually fantastic, with their brilliant electrical corona discharges, emission of "metallic colors", and movement in rapid bursts, changing directions instantaneously, there was nothing which could not be explained by electronic and physical theory. I could see concentric striations on a somewhat crudely spun metal hull (probably a tungsten alloy), which was a crude, early form of "stealth" radar evasion technology, which "extraterrestrials" would have had no use for.

The spreading of confusion and lies shows something important to hide, involving high priorities, and highly trained and well-paid people. The patterns of this deceit reveals the substance of hidden knowledge, extracted by a time-consuming process. It is best not to believe anything until you have a reason to believe it.

This chapter caps off over 17 years of overt judicial harassment which ensued the moment George Bush took power at the CIA. Bush is a pal with fellow Trilateralist-Republican, Robert O. Anderson, the man who controls the North Slope of Alaska and the HAARP project. Anderson would now probably disavow any connection to ARCO, which he created. He now claims bankruptcy. Chapter I can be thought of as a kind of "Revolutionary Manifesto of Laissez Faire Capitalist Creatology"-(i.e., a manifesto of a radical, new artistic and scientific religion, based on the "Science of the Creative Process"). It is a non-mystical, rational religion.

In 1979, I acquired a "Peiltochterkompass" (German, for "polar-daughter-[i.e., "slave"] compass"), a crude, 1943 , WW II-vintage, German navigational device (the earliest type of celestial guidance system), which was interconnected to a "master compass" (a gyrocompass oriented to the north pole). It triggered bi-polar pairs of electrodes in the hull of the "KT-p2". The flying saucer and its scientific principle, is the world's greatest invention, which mankind has been denied the benefits of for over fifty years, by the coercive monopolists, through government harassment, murder, secrecy, misinformation, hoax and other deceits.

It is now time to end this hoax upon the American people by their own government, and to end corporate-socialism and tax-slavery, and to return power to the individual. It is time for creative mankind to remove this yoke from its neck, and to move forward with a truly new world order of creative, laissez-faire capitalist civilization, with a free flow of beneficially creative ideas, associations, and products among mankind, in a peaceful world, peopled by creative, free, autonomous and self-sufficient individuals, whose bounty can provide for all. We have nothing to lose except stupidity.

NOW LET IT BE KNOWN that those who are responsible for what I am now saying, are supported by pillars of lies, and have set a philosophical wrecking ball into motion, which will eventually smash down their own foundations.


Flying Saucers & UFO's

Have you ever dreamed of owning you're own flying saucer? Would you like to fly from here to Europe for FREE, in a half an hour, WITHOUT TRAFFIC! ?? If you are like most people, (which you probably aren't considering you are here at this site), you probably think your children might see this technology some day or maybe your grandchildren, well let me tell you right now, THIS TECHNOLOGY IS AVAILABLE NOW & IS BEING KEPT FROM YOU!!

Do you believe aliens first brought us flying saucer technology in 1947 when they supposedly crashed at Roswell N.M.?

The TRUTH is that Nikola Tesla first developed the "Flying Saucer" around 1910.Tesla was responsible for many ingenious inventions including Alternating Current, Laser Beams, Particle Beams, Radio, Television, fluorescent and neon lighting, Robotics, artificial intelligence and helicopters.

THE POWERS-THAT-BE (Modern Day Illuminati) DO NOT WANT THIS INFORMATION OUT.  It would be the end of their PETROLEUM MONOPOLY and their ability to sell oil and fossil fuels to this country as well as all the YET-TO-BE-DEVELOPED third world countries.

The Illuminati would like you to believe that flying saucers come from ALIENS and that the Government is involved in covering this up. The Illuminati would like you to believe that Roswell actually happened. The belief in Aliens is the beginning of the formation of a NEW ONE-WORLD RELIGION where the dictates of God from the days of old are replaced by the will of Alien cultures communicating through various "Channeled" sources.

There is plenty of evidence of flying saucers since the 1940's HOWEVER, THERE IS NOT ONE SOLID THREAD OF EVIDENCE OF ALIENS ON THIS PLANET !! (Except in our Government 'A.K.A - Unregistered Foreign Agents')

The CIA, NSA and other British Connected Intelligence Agencies are spending millions of dollars to Propagandize the public to death regarding this issue. This is what you would call "MIND CONTROL AT IT'S FINEST"

Meanwhile, the dangerous elements of Tesla's technology are currently being employed by the Military against US and other countries. This is the height of NEW WORLD ORDER ATROCITIES. : Microwave Melt (Sound Wave) weapons, Laser Beams Blindness Weapons, Earthquake Manufacturing, Weather Control (For crop freezes and food eradication), HAARP and much more.

At this Rate, the future children of the world might see the saucer technology in  another thousand years, if they aren't slaves working on another planet for the Freemasons.

.... I read one of the most fascinating books I have ever read titled "Space Aliens From the Pentagon" by William Lyne. This book turned around my entire perspective. I do not think like I used to about this issue. THIS BOOK IS A MUST-READ! FOR THE UFO INTERESTED. I am not saying Bill Cooper's information is wrong, but possibly off by a few marks. (In particular relating to ET's) --


DDT (Decoy, Distract and Trash)
by Steven M. Greer M.D.
Director, The Disclosure Project
October 24, 2002
Copyright 2002

A former high official at the NSA (National Security Agency) told me about a protocol informally dubbed DDT - that old poisonous chemical long-banned in much of the world. In this application, it stands for Decoy, Distract and Trash - which is what sophisticated intelligence operatives use to set up some person or group, take them off the trail of something real and important, and trash the person or the subject. ...

You will recall that no less a figure than Wernher Von Braun warned to his personal spokesperson Dr. Carol Rosin in 1974 that after the cold war, those operating behind the scenes would roll out global terrorism and then, finally, a hoaxed alien threat from outer space. Dr. Rosin gave this testimony before 9/11, by the way.

Why? Well, a xenophobic and hysterical take on visitors from space (so well represented by military hoaxed abductions made to look 'alien') would have something for everyone who enjoy secret power and control:

For the military/ industrial/ laboratory/ intelligence/ corporate complex, there would be trillions of dollars in lucrative pending for Star Wars - now with a REAL enemy to fight! As they said in the movie Independence Day, "Lets kick alien butt..."
For schemers wishing to unite the world in militarism and control through fear (as opposed to our common humanity and peace...) what better way to attain this goal than to roll out serious UFO evidence and link it to a body of hoaxed faux-alien encounters contained within the abduction sub-culture? 
People are easily herded and controlled through fear, and can there be anything more scary than evil 'aliens' floating poor, innocent humans onto UFOs to torture and sexually abuse them? Right.
For misguided religious fanatics and secret religious cults, who pine for the long-awaited end-of-the-world, Armageddon scenario, what better fulfilment of their misinterpreted prophecy than a Final Great Battle in space?

Well, there is just something for everyone, if you can get people to buy it. But how?

All good disinformation has some real, true information contained within it. The mixing of truth with lies makes the lies believable. So by hoaxing a scary alien abduction scenario with serious data, evidence, documents and witnesses, the lie goes down so much more smoothly...

Those inside the multi-million dollar abduction industry have for years told me of suppressed testimony from abductees who recall human military operatives running the show - essentially controlling the event. 

Dr. Helmut Lammer and others have documented this hideous abuse of civilians by rogue covert operations. And most importantly, we have interviewed military and corporate insiders who have described in excruciating detail how they have hoaxed these 'alien abductions' - and why.

The truth is hidden in plain sight, but it is wrapped in so much deception that it is seldom seen.

One such military operative explained to me how his team had abducted key military people at one point so that they would "learn to hate the aliens" and get on board the covert Star Wars juggernaut.

When you have -

Billions of black-budget dollars at your disposal, 
Reverse-engineered Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs),

(see the testimony of Mark McCandlish in the book 'Disclosure' available at http://www.DiscosureProject.org/shop.htm

Biological creatures made on Earth that look 'alien', and 
Sophisticated mind-altering psychotronic weapon systems, 

hoaxing an 'alien abduction' is like taking candy from a baby. And you know, the truth is so much more bizarre than fiction (even Sci-Fi channel fiction) that who will believe it?

Steven M. Greer MD
Director, The Disclosure Project

For more information, please refer to Dr. Greer's paper "When Disclosure Serves Secrecy" (and other related papers at http://www.disclosureproject.org/writings.htm).

Some Disinformation agents 

"Stanton Friedman, CIA; 
John Lear, CIA (Lear's father was named as having participated in antigravity research); 
William Moore; 
John Keel (was he used to trump up the existing through not-all-inclusive PARAPHYSIAL aspect of UFO's to the exclusion of the physical aspects? - Branton); 
Charles Berlitz; Bruce Maccabee, ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence); 
Linda Moulton Howe; 
Philip Klass, CIA; 
James Moseley, CIA (Moseley's father was discussed in a very complimentary manner); 
Virgil Armstrong, CIA (listed as Postlethwaite); 
Wendelle Stevens, CIA; 
Dr. J. Allen Hynek, CIA.


Broken promises 

"There are some things you need to understand. Yes, it's true that we [aliens] have been in contact with your government leaders and heads of power. It is also true that agreements have been made and kept secret from your people. It is also true that, in the past, some of your people have lost their lives or have been badly hurt to protect this secret. Our hands had no part in this.

"We contacted your leaders because your planet is in grave trouble. Your leaders said the vast majority of your population wasn't ready for anything like us yet, so we made time agreements with your leaders as to when your people would be made aware of our presence. This part of the agreement has not at all been kept.

"It was also agreed that, in the meantime, steps would be taken to correct the environmental condition of your planet with our advice and technology. We say advice, because we respect the fact that this is your planet, not ours. Your government also broke this agreement."


Man made UFOs

"... things that looked like UFOs but that are built and under the control of deeply secretive 'black' projects, were being used to simulate - hoax - ET-appearing events, including some abductions and cattle mutilations, to sow the early seeds of cultural fear regarding life in outer space. 

" And that at some point after global terrorism, events would unfold that would utilize the now-revealed Alien Reproduction Vehicles (ARVs or reversed-engineered UFOs) to hoax an attack on Earth."

Bill Cooper interview

An alien craft was found on February 13, 1948, on a mesa near Aztec, New Mexico. Another craft was located on March 25, 1948, in White Sands Proving Ground. It was 100 feet in diameter. A total of 17 alien bodies were recovered from those two crafts. Of even greater significance was the discovery of a large number of human body parts stored within both of these vehicles.

During President Dwight David Eisenhower's first year in office, 1953, at least 10 more crashed discs were recovered along with 26 dead and 4 live aliens. Of the 10, 4 were found in Arizona, 2 in Texas, 1 in New Mexico, 1 in Louisiana, 1 in Montana, and 1 in South Africa. There were hundreds of sightings.


The Soviet Union was suspected of interacting with them, and this proved to be true. THE ALIENS STATED THAT THEY HAD BEEN, AND WERE THEN, MANIPULATING MASSES OF PEOPLE THROUGH SECRET SOCIETIES, WITCHCRAFT, MAGIC, THE OCCULT, AND RELIGION. You must understand that this claim could also be a manipulation. AFTER SEVERAL AIR FORCE COMBAT AIR ENGAGEMENTS WITH ALIEN CRAFT it became apparent that our weapons were no match against them.



Systematic elimination of microbiologists signals planned preemptive attack on world's surplus eaters who bring down the property values of their planet.
Dick Eastman

This elite, with sequestered clandestine technologies purchased by their trillions, are about to fumigate -- and they don't want any of the microbes around who are smart enough to develop immunity and thwart their design. Did we really think they would sit around and wait for us to slowly figure it all out and then gradually work up nerve to stand up and say "Er, excuse me, have you been robbing us blind, killing us, forcing us into wars ...." etc.? " 

These men think no more of exterminating the freakish middle-classes than the British the miserable Hottentot. We milking cows have outlived our productivity for them -- and we are potentially dangerous to all that they have built for themselves. I've learned things about the Apollo Program ( a hoax -- why build rockets to the moon when "flying saucers" secretly developed and produced since the 1940's? -- When President Andrew Jackson vetoed the Second Bank of the United States in the 1930's, the President of the BUS got Pennsylvania to charter the Bank of the United States of Philadelphia -- and immediately Biddle began, with Rothschild money, to seed a speculative bubble that led to the bust of 1837 -- when Biddle told the merchants of the U.S. that they had to send a huge portion of the nations hard money supply to European creditors at once or be foreclosed -- punishing the U.S. for curtailing the Federal Reserve plunder machine of its day. He offered to pay a million (500 billion today --it was the money Rothschild provided him to seed the speculation) if the merchants did the same. It ruined the nation in the biggest Depression until the Great Depression -- which was also conceived in the City of London (Winston Churchill was on the Floor of the Stock Exchange on Black Tuesday, 1929 -- to see the effect of the sudden calling of margin loans and sell signals upon stock prices -- a contraction in the money supply that after the money multiplier effect resulted in circulation (MV) diminishing by one third -- kicking off the Great Depression ..... Murder and the infliction of misery is in their blood -- it is their virtu. They would as soon wreck and murder the middle classes as spray for flies. 

I remember the irrational investing in biological research in the late 80's -- and no great cures came from it -- nothing to counter the backward step of removing Alka-Seltzer Plus from the market -- a product that saved millions in worker productivity and avoided loosing thousands of working hours per weak to sick time in this country (the new stuff sold by that name is far far inferior -- I have yet to meet someone for whom it does anything!) -- what was really being in those days developed that the compartmentalized researchers were unaware of? What did Nelson Rockefeller really initiate when he stooped to taking the job of Undersecretary of Health during the Eisenhower Administration -- was to initiate the demography engineering technology of AIDS and Elboa? I suspect that it was. 

Leave it to the Rockefellers to make the "hard choices" for humankind's future in the hands of what Rocky's brother David described to the Bilderburg as world government by "intellectuals and investment bankers". If they can control the weather right over our heads and keep it a secret; if they can crashbomb the world trade center and blame a country of shepherds that they want to plunder of its resources -- they are not above doing this. The only solution is a flood of Gandhi opposition around the world. Let's expose and depose any hidden cities in the Amazon, any underground cavern cities in the U.S. (where Dick Cheny, perhaps, operates as de facto President) if they exist. And lets hold our billionaires here where we can keep an eye on them. Certainly they couldn't slip away from a Guantanamo we set up in Montana, could they? I'm not sure how serious I mean this to be -- the risk that this is true, as you must realize, is not at zero probability -- yet knowing the likelihood triggers mental defense mechanisms of denial that shut out such terrifying possibilities that so few people are psychologically equipped to face, minds needed for the fight ..... Still survival dictates that we must trust reason and investigate all likely scenarios -- knowing how the nonthinkers choose ideas for comfort. 

Dick Eastman Yakima


I said: -- why build horse-and-buggy Apollo rockets to the moon when "flying saucers" have been secretly developed? A trusted friend points out that my credibility is on the line. 

> Can you provide any proof of Flying Saucers being a reality? How 
> could something of this magnitude be kept secret?
> > Thank you, 
> > [T.E.] , Orlando, Florida

Dear T.E., I am Bccing this reply to the usual places because I know I lost at least six of of nine people who read my stuff when I made that statement. Yet it is true. There was a famous radio news announcer of the 1950's and 60's named Frank Edwards -- he had military men and informants from around the world giving him photos and verified reports of these craft. His first book was Flying Saucer's Serious Business -- no mention of aliens etc. -- is all the evidence any intelligent man needed -- I had gone through the 50's and 60's not believing that the saucers were real. (I have a pretty scientific training with masters degrees in economics and experimental psychology, with lots of statistics courses, logic, and graduate courses in linguistics and the philosophy of science etc.) and here is a critical portion what I have learned that was sufficient to convince me:

In 1946 the "mystery rockets" appeared over Scandinavia - well reported. (We;;, also before that there were the "foo fighters" that flew all over the B-17's over Germany -- and no one ever discovered what they were -- I deduce that they were small experimental prototypes sent up in great numbers merely to cause confusion) It is my guess that technology developed by Göttingen scientists first left the country to the North -- where prototypes were demonstrated. Later the development was removed to the Los Alamos area. 

The Roswell crash was covered with a dual strategy. The "weather balloon" for the hard-heads and the "aliens" for the creative types. Thus whenever someone inquired about what crashed the two disinformation theories could have a cat fight and the third and true alternative would be forgotten. Kenneth Arnold was flying to Yakima Washington past Mt. Rainier when he saw craft that the press were to label "flying saucers" -- along the polar route from Scandinavia to New Mexico, BTW. The Germans had already developed the V2 rocket by 1941 -- before the U.S. entered the war -- although production came later. They even had a two-stage rocket planned, with the V2 as the second stage, developed -- but not in production at the time the Manhattan Project was initiated over here. 

We know that Germany was far ahead of the U.S. and Britain in science at this time -- even though we had Einstein -- and we also know that Werner Heisenberg in Germany refused to work on atomic bombs. So what were these minds working on while Oppenheimer was building the A-bomb? Who got that research? I suspect that the ruling elites, call them "Wall Street" and "The City of London" made these scientists an offer they could not refuse. (We have been reading about Bush involvement in Nazi Germany -- and we know that Vanover Bush, the top government research scientist in the late 1940's was part of the team that was involved with "evaluating the flying saucer issue" and we know that Edward U. Condon was both a security risk during the Manhattan Project and that he studied at Göttingen in the 1930's -- he was a link between U.S. atom scientists and the Göttingen group working on ...what? It was Condon who took over from Project Bluebook when it became impossible to explain away the evidence of definite craft around the world. But Condon ignored all of the hard vehicle sightings -- and spoke to the media only about crackpot "contactees", people like George Adamski who claimed to have been given a ride to Venus etc. Condon clearly was disinformation -- a phony "scientific" refutation. 

I have seen a UFO over Yakima and I have described it in great detail on the internet. It looked like a satellite -- a star moving against the other stars -- then it stopped short -- then it grew to a pale disk (appearing two-dimensional like and stayed at that size for a full four seconds -- then it shrunk back into a star again -- and then after another few seconds it winked out as if some one turned down a dimmer switch over an interval of two to three seconds! I draw no conclusion -- but I do eliminate most of the usual debunker explanations. Thousands of people saw a giant wedge shaped craft flying at blimp speed over the Phoenix area and shortly later in the Tucson area-- it even was photographed and shown on the front page of USA today -- yet that earthshaking news only received a postage stamp photo on the upper right hand corner of the paper! It was visible from several towns -- it was wedge shaped, like a thick "V" with large lights beneath. The craft was very black (it was a daytime sighting) except for those lights. Some observers saw only the lights in "V" formation, others saw a "triangle" (missing the notch in the back") -- most saw what the picture in USA today captured -- the black wedge with the large bright lights beneath -- exactly the kind of architecture that -- see www.rense.com -- is being sighted and filmed in Europe. 

I am just as certain that the cattle mutilations and the alien abductions are phony -- although the victims are real -- animals are being taken and drained of blood -- for disinformation? -- for cultic ritual? -- and people are being abducted and subjected to hypnosis -- or perhaps they are conditioned (hypnotic?/chemical?/other?) without their knowledge during clinical therapy etc. Certainly these people are sincere. (I am suspicious that a Harvard Psychologist is the one "high authority" who lends credence to the alien abduction thesis) -- the "New Agedness of many of those who obsess over "grays" and "reptilians" are also suspicious, since the New Age is a deliberate social engineering product of the ruling elites. 

Ask yourself why there has been no breakthroughs with new modes of transportation comparable to breakthroughs from Edison and Tesla to television and radar. Why are we stuck in the technology of the 1960s and 70's (that is what these computers of ours are, bTW.) Where are the toys that billionaires play with. (Can billionaires really be that unimaginative as to have innovated NOTHING!!!) 

WHO has been getting what the best of our scientists have been developing in secret? Where are the wonder weapons? Finally, there is video shot taken from a camera in the open space shuttle bay that clearly shows another craft maneuvering in space (a bright spot, moving and stopping far above earth -- so that one is looking out to it across and above the curving earth atmosphere -- and then one sees two definite pulses of light energy rise quickly (but at very much sub-light speed) from the earth as if to shoot this craft down, except that the stationary craft suddenly moves out of the way and on out of sight!!! 

This certainly could not have been particles blown out of space craft vents etc. the halting of the first craft and its starting up again just in time to be missed by the two definite pulses rising from the surface make that wholly impossible. But the very denial of this unmistakable no-other-explanation evidence is itself a significant datum. All that is enough for me -- but in addition I have accumulated many thousands of pages of research on this topic. However, I do believe in the earthlight hypothesis. Sometimes a phenomenon that looks like a metallic object appears over parts of the earth where there is great tectonic strain. Such things were seen in Washington State before Mt. St. Helens erupted. (Photographed extensively in Yakima from fire watch ranger stations on the Yakima Indian reservation. 

Such things are seen over Mexico and, most famously, over Mexico City. These phenomena do not move purposively. They are not craft. I strongly urge you to look for the by Frank Reynolds -- the freest from disinformation about "aliens" etc. (I am convinced that Art Bell is disinformation agent -- I observe whom he cuts off and whom he does not. He needs to encrust the fact of advanced craft with the kookiness of aliens etc. to discredit any who would attempt to look at the matter with a clear mind and without yielding to the calculated social intimidation.

However I understand your problem of validating what I say without the sanction of the official validators of our society (the media and academia) But the evidence for these craft is much greater than of the global warming scare they are offering. 

Warm regard, Dick Eastman Yakima 


Minuteman Nuke ICBMs Shut Down By UFO
Incredible Penetration Of SAC Base Detailed
From Stig_Agermose@online.pol.dk (Stig Agermose)

This report in UFOINFO's news section was submitted by James J. Bjaloncik and published on December 10. URL:   http://www.digiserve.com/ufoinfo/news/minuteman.html    

UFO intrusions in and around military installations have been documented in many books and articles (i.e. "Above Top Secret" by Tim Good, "The UFO Cover-Up" by Lawrence Fawcett and Barry Greenwood). The Loring (Maine) AFB incident in 1975 put eight other U.S. Air Force bases as far away as the states of Louisiana, Washington and North Dakota on alert. However, another intrusion that was touched on in both of the afore-mentioned books has only now been brought more into the open. The cable television program "Sightings" (Sci-Fi Channel) earlier this year aired the story of how two entire Minuteman ICBM launch-sites located near Malmstrom AFB (Montana) were completely shut-down by the presence of a nearby UFO. 

On March 16, 1967, deputy crew commander Robert Salas of missile site "November" received a phone call from a security guard at the site, indicating that he and several other guards had seen UFOs near the site. Five minutes later, Salas received a call from the same guard who stated that a red-glowing, saucer-shaped craft was hovering just outside the front gate of the complex. It was at this time that the missiles began to shut themselves down, going off "Alert" and putting themselves in a "No-Go" status.

Twelve hours later, at missile launch site "Echo", located 20 miles away, launch commander Don Crawford suddenly found that his ICBMs were also shutting down. According to Crawford, there is NO command in the launch capsule (bunker) to be able to turn these systems off. He stated that there were no breakdowns in the systems, however, he also stated that, three weeks earlier, a security guard at this site had reported a UFO over the missile silos.

According to Salas, approximately three hours after the missiles went down, the systems simply and suddenly CAME BACK ON LINE, with NO repair work being done. No broken cables or damaged hardware was found. Contractors for the Minuteman system (Boeing, Sylvania) were called in to investigate, but they were unable to determine what had happened.

 Recently, the USAF report on the incident has been declassified (one part on 4/27/95 and the second part on 7/27/95) and a copy was obtained by Salas and investigator James Klotz through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). The report, relative to the 341st Strategic Missile Wing, the 341st Combat Support Group, and the 15th Air Force, SAC, Malmstrom AFB, indicated that the Air Force was mystified by the incident. The possibility of an EMP (electro-magnetic pulse) was considered, but the capability of anyone to induce EMP into the shielded cable system of the Minuteman at that time did NOT exist (at least, not on this planet). The report claims that the security guards were questioned and that NO unusual activity or sightings were observed. The report also claims that "rumors of UFOs during the time of the Echo fault were disproved". Salas disputes this based on the calls he received.

Another reason for the incident, that the shutdown was actually a training exercise to test the mettle of the launch crews, was ruled out by retired Lt. Col.Jerry Rowess, who was also involved with the sites. "You don't degrade your capability to fight a war for a war-game exercise," stated Rowess, who also indicated that the integrity of the security forces on duty would have to be "impeccable".

Veteran UFO investigator Ray Fowler, a former Sylvania employee, said that Sylvania and Boeing representatives went to the two sites and attempted to simulate the shutdowns, but that they were never able to do so nor were they able to trace a reason for "No-Go" status. Fowler has also touched on this incident in his book "Casebook of a UFO Investigator" (Prentice-Hall, 1981).

The "Sightings" program brought Salas and Crawford together for the first time. While they served in the same program at close-by sites, they had only heard of one another during their tours of duty and had never met. Both indicated that they would continue to investigate the shut-downs.

Just recently, the Winter, 1997 issue of "UFO Universe" magazine (edited by Timothy Green Beckley) further expanded on the crisis. In it, Salas stated that he has also been in contact with many of the other Air Force personnel involved at launch-site "November" and that they all confirm his version of the events. Salas has continued to investigate the incident and is not happy with the Air Force's refusal to tell the truth. He indicates that the Air Force, in 1969, issued a letter that, based on the investigations by Project Blue Book and by the Condon Committee, no reported UFO incident had ever affected the national security of the United States. However, the "No-Go Crisis" occurred in 1967, and Salas believes that the Air Force "blatantly misrepresented the facts". He also has correspondence from SAC Headquarters stating that the incident "was of very grave concern to this headquarters". The article also carries a map showing the placement of the various launch sites at the time.



World War II German flying saucers (DVD)
Revealing the secret production of electromagnetically driven craft.

The following new world order mini-documentary, shows a ufo in the background of one of the shots of the twin towers.