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Dr. John Coleman (Committee of 300) on Global warming. 

See a full list of his monographs / white papers at


El Niño is Man Made.
One of the many masterly investigative reports for which Dr. Coleman is well known. It reveals that a US Government agency commissioned a prestigious "think tank" to come up with El Niño. Explains how it is part of the Club of Rome's genocidal Global 2000 program. Once you read this well-researched report, you will have no doubt that the title is justified.

ELF, Scalar Waves, Weather Modifications. Top Secret Report SCELF 1201.
This is a continuation of Dr. Coleman’s work on Russia’s weather modifications and scalar wave weapons of war which he began in 1969. His first work was published in 1984. Dr. Coleman owes much of his knowledge of this comprehensive subject to the late Professor Gurvich of Russia’s Lebedev Institute of Moscow who provided a great deal of material on Russia’s capability in these fields.

Global Warming: Fact or Fiction?
It seems like we have heard this refrain before. Yes indeed, three times before, dressed up in other slogans with different players, but the same familiar message. In this latest version we see many of the slogans used by the anti-nuclear power station environmentalists of the 60s and 70s reappearing. This work lays bare the “Cold Facts” about “Global Warming.” It is not to be missed.

The Environmentalist Cult. (3 parts)
This could be the subject of a great book as it is packed with information reaching far beyond limits indicated by the title.

Metaphysics, Mind Control, ELF Transmissions & Weather Modifications.
Dr. Coleman was the FIRST to deal comprehensively with this new and hitherto unexplored development. Written ten years before HAARP, this monograph was one of more than 500 "FIRST" reports by Dr. Coleman. Our weather and our minds are being controlled and Dr. Coleman exposed it first in 1969, updated it in 1972, and again in 1984 and 1991. The original information is as current now as when it was first written almost 34 years ago!


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