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This facility is a simple index to assist in referencing the RAEME Craftsman magazines. The aim is not to provide any detailed information but to provide a reference to magazine issues and pages. Since the magazine was introduced in December 1978 there have been issues forwarded to serving and ex-serving members of the Corps approximately every six months. There have been a total of 52 magazines to date (refer below) and the latest magazine is issue number 53, Summar 2004/5. 

The effort in maintaining the magazine publishing over the years with the changing organisation has been excellent and those who have been involved should be very happy with ongoing quality of the magazine.  For those interesting in collecting the magazines or seeking information a number of the RAEME Associations have full sets and have provided information regarding issues on request. They also have spare copies of some issues. It should be noted that there have been instance where two issues contained the same issue number (issue 9) and there were no issue numbers 37 and 38 (not published). Issue number 48 had the cover re-issued due to it having initially been printed in reverse.


The reason for providing this section is to use the computer to assist in referencing the magazines. The method of search is best achieved through the Find features in your browser. We have not included any custom search features because we could achieve little more than the browser can already do. For the two most popular browsers this is achieved as follows:

Internet Explorer. Use the 'Edit' drop down menu then select 'Find' to enter key words for searching. The browser will jump to those areas. You can then take a note of the issue and page of interest then either grab your copy of the magazine or look for someone who may have one.

Netscape. For Version the "Edit, Find on Page" menu option can be used, earlier versions have a "Find" button. .


The structure of this index is in five main groups which are called from the links at the top of this web page:

Contents Section. The table of contents for each issue as displayed on Page 1 of each magazine. Use this for general subject searches such as the word 'adventure' for adventure training articles.

Unit Jottings Section. This includes the unit name relating to each unit jotting. This is good for searches for any articles relating to a unit.

Names Section. This is a section which lists names mentioned in each magazine with reference to the page number. This is good for seeing whether you were ever discussed in a magazine issue. You may be surprised!

Magazine Covers. This section allows you to access an image of the front cover of each magazine. The images can also be accessed through the other sections above and other pages in this site.

Articles of Interest. This section accesses selected magazine articles of interest and on-line magazines. This includes the complete Issue 1 of the magazine on-line.


Articles for the magazine should be sent to "The Editor, The RAEME Craftsman, SO2 Corps RAEME, LCSC, ALTC, Milpo, Bandiana, 3694, VIC. Photos should be in colour if possible, with caption included.  If you wish you can generate articles on computer  and forward by disk with photos (save in Word format).  Photos should be scanned at 300dpi and in JPEG or TIFF format. The editor contact is MAJ Graham Anderson, Email: graham.anderson@defence.gov.au.


We hope you magazine collectors find this index useful. For those who collect magazines there are a number of good products around which can be used to bind magazines. One method is to use normal ring binders with stick on plastic strips on the magazines. The strips are transparent and do not damage the magazines, they stick onto the rear cover not the face of the magazine. The strips are called Filing Strips, from 3L, Strip No 8804. These and other types of products can be purchased from most large stationers.

Last Updated 9th  May 2005