Somerset Probate Records

Following is a selection of wills relating to the Banwell and Durston families of Somerset, which I am researching.

Note:  I have made every effort to transcribe the records accurately, but can't absolutely guarantee that there are no errors.   If you have any queries feel free to send me an email.

Thanks to Mike Layzell for making available his transcripts of several Banwell wills.

An index to Somerset estate duty wills from 1812 to 1857 is available online at the Somerset Archive and Record Service.

James Banwell of Wedmore
Dated 25 Dec 1844
Benjamin Banwell of Winscombe, yeoman
Stephen Banwell of Wedmore, yeoman
William Banwell of Litton, yeoman
Estate valued at 1500L including leaseholds
Proved 1845

James Banwell of Kewstoke, Labourer (died 6 Jun 1845)
Dated 25 May 1838
To wife Mary Ann Banwell, all land, rents and profits during her life
To daughters Hannah and Betsy Banwell, all land, rents and profits after their mother's death
To daughter Hannah Banwell, after her mother's death, premises called Nut Tree
To daughter Betsy Banwell, after her mother's death, premises called Hill Garden
To son John Banwell, one third of premises called Nut Tree and Hill Garden 'if he survive the time or term of seven years and arrive to his native place'
To Henry Banwell of Banwell, 1s
To James Banwell of Bristol, 1s
Executors Charles Printer of Worle and James Winter of Kewstoke
Witnesses: William Twitt and Evan Shepstone
Proved 24 Nov 1846. Admon granted to Mary Ann Banwell of 2 Rose Street, Great Gardens, Bristol

Joseph Banwell of Kewstoke
Daughters Hannah, Sarah, Jane
Son James
Executor Isaac Crinter (power reserved to James Banwell and Francis Collings)
Proved 1811

Richard Banwell of Weare
John Banwell sen.
Wife Elizabeth (executor)
Proved 23 Apr 1808

Charles Durston jun. of Catcott in Moorlinch, Yeoman
Dated 13 Nov 1701
Son Thomas
Daughters Rachel, Mary, Jane, Elizabeth, Joane, Ann
Wife Rachel
Proved 16 May 1702

John Durston of Vole, Parish of Mark, yeoman
Dated 13 Jan 1815
To son Samuel, fee simple estate at Vole, subject to payment of bond of 120L owing to the Miss Maines of Mark
To daughter Lydia, wife of Samuel Daunton Vowles, 80L to be paid after 2 years, bed, bedstead, bolster, sheets, blankets and counterpane now in the Hall Chamber
To granddaughters Joannah, wife of William Giles, and Ann, daughters of my late daughter Ann wife of John Vowles, 30L each after 2 years if they have reached the age of 21 - if either dies before age 21 without issue, her share to go to the other
To Ann, daughter of my late daughter Joannah wife of John Card of Mark, glazier, 48L owed by John Card, payable at age 21 - also 32L payable by executor at age 21 (the interest on the 48L and 32L to be used by executor for the education of the said Ann)
BUT if the said Ann dies without lawful issue, her legacy to be divided equally among my grandchildren as they attain the age of 21
To son Joseph (executor), residue of estate.
The mark and seal of John Durston
Witnesses:  W Hassell, Thos Sturger, Thomas Coome
Proved 3 Jun 1815
(Ref No. 2 Reg. CD 1815, folio 364, Somerset Record Office)

Joseph Durston of Vole Road near Mark in the Parish of Weare, Yeoman
Executors Sarah Durston of Weare and John Durston of South Brent, yeoman
Niece Ann, wife of Richard Redman
Nephew John Durston of Vole, son of deceased brother Samuel
Proved 26 Aug 1848

William Durston of Voale in the parish of Mark
Executors Robert Harden of Loxton & Henry Harden
To John harden, Hester Carroll & Sarah Sandy, 40L each
To Thomas Bagg, 1 acre at Catcott
To Ann, Sarah & Jane Harden, 60L each
To Edmund, Francis, Benjamin & George Board, 20L each
To Elizabeth & Catherine Board, 20L
To Jemima Paine, 4 acres at Weare
To William Durston, land & house in Mark
To Thomas Joseph Durston, 3L per annum for life
To Joanah & Joseph Henbery, .....
To Charles Durston, 50L
To Sarah Adams, .....
To Joana Durston, 20L
To Mary Hix (?), 20L
To Ann Harden, a silver teapot
To Harry Harden, 100L
To Mary Ann Harden, 100L
To the daughters of Henry Harden, 100L
To Henry Harden, 20L
To John, Harry, Ann & Joana Henbury, .....
To Robert & Henry Harden, residue of estate
Proved 10 Apr 1807

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